Get Stronger, Harder and Sensitive Penis

penis enlargementHello everyone, in this post I am going to share how to gain harder and stronger penis and how to maintain it.

There are lots of articles on the internet that will show you how to get strong penis but it is difficult to find quality information about how to maintain harder penis. Many people complaint they get only temporary results that is why I decided to write down this post. Here you will learn how to convert your temporary results into permanent results.

Ok let’s get started…

Get Stronger, Harder And Sensitive Penis

Increase Blood Volume:

The first and most important step for getting strong and harder penis is to ensure you are getting lots of blood into your penis. Either it is penis exercises, extender or pills the main focus of all these is to increase blood flow into the penis. When your penis gets blood full of oxygen and nutrients your penis will grow naturally. To get best penis it is vital important to increase blood volume.

Now you may be wondering how to increase blood volume into my penis. It is not as difficult as you are thinking…

You can increase the flow of blood into your penis by drinking water only. Yes, by drinking enough water your penis will get blood full of oxygen and nutrients that will give you harder and stronger erection. It is recommended to drink at least three litres of water every day. If you are buying litre bottle then make sure you purchase three water bottles or fill one bottle three times. Water starts pumping blood into your penis and you full feel healthy in general.

It is important to keep in mind that cola, protein shake or energy drinks will never provide you benefits that you get from water. All you have to do is to carry water bottle with you and drink water from it throughout the day.

Increase DHT Production:

testosteroneBio-chemicals are the key for getting bigger and stronger penis. DHT is the form of Testosterone that plays very important role in making your penis bigger and stronger. Without DHT it is nearly impossible to increase penis size. If you have John Collin’s Penis Enlargement Bible then you already know how important bio-chemicals are for penis enlargement. Once you learn how to increase DHT production it will become very easy for you to increase your penis as quickly as possible.

If you want your body to produce DHT then it is important to have high amount of Dopamine in your body. DHT is created by the testicular and adrenal glands, where Dopamine is presented. In this process liver plays important role in converting Dopamine into DHT that why it is necessary for liver to work with full efficiency.

The problem is overproduction of DHT can cause baldness and prostate enlargement. This is because your penis (which to right position to get DHT) contains DHT receptors while your scalp and prostate don’t have any receptors. That’s why you have to introduce adrenaline and isoflavours. When DHT grows into your penis, the DHT receptors inside genital react with it and make your penis grows naturally without and negative side-effects. As your scalp and prostate don’t have any growth receptors, isoflavours in your body minimize negative side-effects.

Correct Erectile Problem:

Erection is the key for getting bigger penis. The main function of erection is to fill penis with lots of blood that it can hold. But if penis gets bio-chemical rich blood then your penis will get bigger more quickly. This is because genital contain receptors that can make penis bigger than any other conversational method or pill.

But problem occurs when man finds difficulty in reaching or maintaining hard erection. This is because body is lacking in one or two important nutrients. Now these days there are lots of men that are facing to this problem all because of poor lifestyle and bad habits. That is why market and online sites are full of pills to cure impotence.

Everyone can use these pills to cure their impotence but the problem is these pills never cure the problem instead these pills make you rely on them. And some of these pills contain very nasty negative side-effects in such blindness and heart problems are few of them.

So what is the permanent cure of this problem?

Erectile DysfunctionFor curing erectile dysfunction permanently you don’t need any pill. It doesn’t matter how popular pills is, manufacturers create pills to provide temporary results only. But, if you want to end erectile dysfunction you need to increase Acetylcholine and Nitric Oxide. If you are feeling difficulty in getting erection or maintaining it that means your body lacks in Acetylcholine, Nitric Oxide or both.

If you feel pain in penis when you press it or you are getting 45 degree angle of your erection that means your genital is lacking in Acetylcholine. The best way to cure this problem permanently is to get Acetylcholine and Nitric Oxide in your body. By adding these bio-chemicals into your body it will lead to best results and cure erectile dysfunction permanently.

The best way to add Acetylcholine in your body is by topping your body with Choline. The best part is Choline is present in multi vitamins, mineral formula and mood enhancing formula. All these substance are approved and considered safe by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  But it is recommended by FDA to take less than 500 mg/day.

If you feel your penis is full of blood but it is not rising or pointing downward that means your body is lacking in nitric oxide. Nitrogen is denoted in Human Growth Hormone (important hormone for penis growth), L-Arginine and L-Ornithine. Nitric Oxide supplements are widely popular among bodybuilders because they use nitric oxide supplement to pump blood into the muscles and give them intense look. Similarly, you can use these supplements to increase blood flow and correct your penis problem.


In the end I like to say by using the information I mentioned above you can get stronger and longer penis. With this information you will get permanent results that expensive penis extenders fail to deliver.

Here’s the biochemical way to increase penis size

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