Best Way to Measure Your Penis Size

penis diagramYou may be not aware about how many men are unhappy with their penis size. They may be spending great life with their life-partner but they are trying so many things to make it perfect. But because of not having proper information about penis enlargement they are happy but unsatisfied with their sexual life.

Many men feel uncomfortable in discussing their problem with their doctor. They start browsing internet to gather actual information about penis enlargement but, all they see is just advertisements of penis enlargement pills.

If you are also one of them that want to increase your penis size but don’t know from where to start then read this post till the end. In this post I am going to mention the correct way to measure your penis.

Measuring your penis length and girth is important because it able you to track your progress. So, before starting any exercise routine it is best to measure penis size. Following steps with help you to measure your penis size in right way.

Steps to Measure Penis Size Correctly

penis measurementIt does not matter what method you are going to use for penis enlargement, you have to understand that penis enlargement takes time. You never get overnight results. You may be wondering when to measure penis length and girth. I recommend to measure penis length and girth before starting any new exercise plan or any other method.  Then take measurement of penis size after every month to track your progress.

Measuring Penis Erect Length:

I am sure Penis erect length is what matters most to you that is why it is better to measure penis erect length with the help of straight ruler. I recommend using straight ruler instead of measuring tape or sting because straight ruler gives correct measurements.

There are two ways to measure penis erect length:

  • Bone-Pressed:

Make your penis erect then put ruler above the penis and push the ruler all the way through the public bone. Record the measurement and this is your BPEL (Bone Pressed Erect Length). BPEL is the most preferred method because its gives exact measurement.

  • Non Bone-Pressed:

This method is very much similar to the previous one. In this method you have to put ruler above the penis but this time don’t press the ruler. When measuring NBPEL (Non Bone-Pressed Erect Length) makes sure your ruler don’t touch the public bone.

Important Tip:

It is important to measure your penis in standing position. You will get different measurements when you measure your penis in standing position and in sitting position. That’s why I recommend to measure penis length in standing position every time.

Measuring Penis Erect Girth:

penisMany people prefer bigger penis instead of thick penis but I recommend taking all the measurements of your penis size before starting any new method for penis enlargement. There are many surveys that proved that women prefer thick penis instead of big penis. So, I suggest you to also concentrate on increasing your penis girth as well.

For measuring girth of penis, there are two methods:

Method #1: Wrap measuring tape around your penis and note down its measurement.

Method #2: Use piece of string to fully wrap it around the penis and mark the measurement on the string. Take the piece of string and put it on the top of ruler to find its actual measurement.

Important Tip:

Some people measure their erect girth length at the middle of the penis and some at Penis shaft (the head of penis). It does not matter from where to want to measure penis erect girth but make sure next time when you measure your penis girth, use the same position to measure girth length.

Why it is Important to Measure Penis?

Do you ever join any weight loss program? Almost every program either it is weight loss, muscle building or penis enlargement exercise program, you are advised to take measurements starting the program.

Knowing the measurements will able you to:

  • Track your progress
  • Gain motivation with every gain inch
  • Remain consistent once you start gaining results

Set Your Goals:

Once you got your penis length and girth measurements, now you can start any penis enlargement method. It does not matter either you want to use specific penis enlargement exercises or want to start taking herbal penis enlargement supplements that mentioned in Penis Enlargement Bible (read my review at this page), always take measurements before starting any new method.

I often recommend tracking progress after every month but it depends on your goals when you want to measure your penis size again. Penis Enlargement is long process and people don’t see any result before 3 weeks that’s why it is important to stick with the program for a whole month then consider changing or making adjustment if you don’t gained half an inch.

Can I Take Flaccid Measurements?

It is completely depends on you. I don’t prefer flaccid measurements because it varies a lot. Even it is change its length and girth multiple times a day. It is better to concentrate only on erect length because this is what your girl going to see. Isn’t?

Some Basics of Penis Enlargement:

Lubricants – People that gained inch and above with penis enlargement exercises reported that they use Lubricants. It is important to note that Lubricants play very vital role in penis enlargement. When you are using penis enlargement exercise make sure you use lubricant that doesn’t dry out quickly.

Public Hair – Before starting any penis enlargement exercise plan it is important to remove public hair. By cutting your public hair your penis will look bigger and they don’t create discomfort when doing exercise.

Here’s the video that explain you how to increase your penis size

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It is important to take proper measurements of your penis length and girth. You must understand that penis is not a bone or muscle, it is tissue and its skin is the most sensitive skin of the body.

Make sure you apply high quality lubricant when starting any penis enlargement exercise. Putting too much pressure can create discomfort. If you want to enjoy sex with your partner then take care of your penis.